Frequently asked questions

Do I need a Doctor's referral? 

In most cases No, you just need to call and make an appointment.

You will, however need to have a referral if a third party is paying for your treatment. This applies to Worker's Compensation cases, Motor Vehicle accident claims and Department of Veterans Affairs clients. For Treatment at Oxford Close Specialist Centre you will need to pay up-front and then reclaim from your insurance company or government organisation.


Do I need Private Health Insurance?

No, however you will be liable for the full consultation fee as Medicare does not generally cover physiotherapy at a Private clinic. If you do have private health insurance, rebates vary considerably due to the fund, your level of cover and the number of visits you have had that year.


Are there any situations where Medicare DOES cover private physiotherapy?

Your Doctor may refer you for five subsidised visits per year under the EPC system but only certain people are eligible. If you have long term, complex health issues you can ask your Doctor whether this could be available to you. About 60% of the standard fee is covered.


What is the difference between Chiropractic and Physiotherapy?

The short answer is that the two professions have different training, different ways of assessing what is wrong and different styles of treatment. The basic goals in both approaches are still much the same: to relieve pain and to get you moving more freely. 

As a consumer, you have the choice who you decide to consult. There is a vast body of research now available to support physiotherapy intervention - especially in terms of getting people moving early after injury, allaying fear, and giving reassurance to a person that "pain" does NOT always mean 'harm". Active treatment where the patient is involved, has been shown to be more effective long-term than "passive treatment".


What should I wear to an appointment?

For leg problems it is best to wear shorts. If you have a neck, shoulder or back problem you will need to remove your shirt so women may prefer to wear a sports bra. The consultation room is private, there are no cubicles with flimsy curtains that you have to worry about.

Will I be given home exercises?

Yes, usually some stretches or yoga based exercises that can be incorporated into your day. You will be encouraged to do some form of regular exercise that suits your lifestyle and is beneficial to your physical, mental and emotional health. This is different for everybody. Favourite recommendations include: brisk outdoor walking, water walking/swimming; yoga; pilates; dancing and tai chi. Diane prefers to recommend exercise where the whole body is involved, however other options can be explored to suit your interests and your physical capability.