Diane Pridham Physiotherapy

Reasons for an Individualised Exercise Programme

1.  Back pain which responds to treatment but recurs with "minor" incidents.

2.  Neck or back pain related to prolonged sitting or occupational demands.

3.  Chronic (long-term) neck or back pain.

4.  A desire to regain strength, flexibility and function following an injury.

5.  Loss of flexibility or a desire to improve flexibility.

6.  Poor balance, a history or falls, or a fear of falling.

7.  Trouble with things that used to be easy, for example going up stairs or putting on your socks.

8.  Neurological disorders such as Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis or CVA (stroke).

9.  A desire to improve sports performance.

10.  Rehabilitation following surgery or sports injuries.

11. Osteoporosis.

12. Niggly joint problems which interfere with your ability to carry out the activities you enjoy.